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The Power of Promotional Products

15th September 2023

We all know the importance marketing has for any business. Without great marketing, brands like RedBull wouldn’t be half as big as they are today!
Did you know that one of RedBull’s first marketing techniques was placing hundreds of empty RedBull cans around the streets and bins of London. Why? This was a genius move to make people think that RedBull, a new energy drink brand at the time, was so popular that everywhere you go there would be cans of them lying around. This made people believe they were incredibly popular and eventually people bought a can to try. RedBull gradually climbed to the top and is now the largest energy drink brand in the world. This just goes to show the power of branded products.

Promotional products are a great way to stand out from the competition. Your customers will remember you, and they'll be more likely to become repeat buyers because of your branded item.
Suppose you're a car dealer and want to give away branded merchandise as an incentive for your customers. If there is another car dealership across town that sells the same cars but doesn’t give out branded products like keyrings or mugs, who is the customer more likely to remember? You – your gift makes the customer feel like you care about them and appreciate their business.

Ways branded merchandise promotes your brand

Customers will remember you

Let’s say you give away branded pens to customers as a token of appreciation. Every time the customer uses that pen, the customer will be bound to remember your brand and the good experience they had with you. You’d be lying if you said you wouldn't want that for your brand. 

Increases customer lifetime value

Using the example above, if someone is constantly seeing your brand logo and remembering their experience with you, they are more likely to make repeat purchases from your company. This could lead to them becoming increasingly loyal to your brand, and eventually lead to them becoming one of your top customers.

Extremely cost-effective

Branded products are so affordable that it is almost criminal that every business doesn’t make full use of them. At EverythingBranded, we have thousands of products at under £1 per unit.

As you can see, promotional merchandise is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It’s extremely affordable yet so powerful. Brands like RedBull have made full use of branded merchandise, and hundreds of more world-famous brands like JD Sports, Porsche and other massive brands are now following suit. The question we ask is: why aren’t you?

Take a minute to look around your home or office, and you will likely find at least one promotional item. That is how popular they are! No matter the nature of your business, giving away branded merchandise can help you stay in the minds of your customers and target audience for years to come.

The results of an in-depth national survey into the power of promotional merchandise in the UK by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) showed that promotional products delivered an equal ROI to print and TV advertising and a higher ROI than radio and outdoor advertising. These findings are a clear indication of the cost-effectiveness of promotional merchandise in comparison with other advertising mediums.

Making a Great Impression

An efficient marketing strategy helps a brand make a positive impact on the customers and entice them to make a purchase. Since the first impression is often the last, companies need clever marketing strategies to make a long-lasting impression on their existing and potential customers. Fortunately, promotional marketing can help businesses achieve this goal at a relatively low cost!

In another research study by BPMA, around 51% of the people surveyed said that receiving promotional items would make them more likely to use that company in the future, and 52% said they were more likely to recommend a company's services if they received branded merchandise. These results show that promo items are effective in helping businesses make a good impression on their customers, as well as influencing their purchasing decision.

Improving Brand Awareness

Over 95% of people surveyed by BPMA believed that branded merchandise increases a company’s brand awareness. In this digital age where we are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages on social media and other online channels, promotional products can help cut through the noise and help you form a personal connection with your customers.

Why Choose Promotional Marketing

The No.1 reason why promotional marketing is still the preferred marketing strategy for many companies is its ability to help them achieve multiple business goals. From creating a great impression and improving brand awareness to influencing buying decisions and increasing customer loyalty, promotional marketing can effectively help deliver on all fronts.

Not just us, but most marketers also recognise the power of branded products to help companies grow and succeed. Over 50% of marketers surveyed by the BPMA felt promo items were the best medium of advertising to get clients to take the required action as compared to only 19.4% who voted for TV.

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