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Why the World's Largest Brands Use Promo Products

14th August 2023

In a world awash with advertisements, personalisation has emerged as a potent weapon for businesses to break through the noise and establish genuine connections with their audience. In this blog, we embark on a journey through the captivating realm of personalised promotional products, delving into case studies that spotlight the remarkable influence these tailored offerings have on brand resonance, consumer loyalty, and overall business triumph.

Case Study 1: Striding Ahead with Nike's Personalised Touch

Empowering the Individual Athlete

Apple, one of the biggest companies in the world, harnesses the power of promo products to redefine customer engagement. With many of their products, Apple send a few Apple stickers and of course, custom-branded boxes, leaflets, bags, and more.

Result: The branded feature has led to an impressive surge in customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in millions of loyal customers and many more who are made aware of the brand from these promotional products. By giving away freebies to the customer, Apple not only increases their chances of retaining that customer and making them loyal but also increases their brand awareness and overall popularity.

Case Study 2: Savoring Success with McDonald's Personalised Magic

Creating Memories, One Happy Meal at a Time

McDonald's, an iconic fast-food brand, embarked on a heartwarming campaign that put smiles on faces. We’re sure all of us can remember getting a Happy Meal – with each Happy Meal, McDonald’s employed the tactic of giving away free toys. This became an iconic part of the McDonald’s brand, and every toy would be recognisable as a McDonald’s toy due to the size of them, their designs and the fact that it had McDonald’s written at the bottom.

Result: The personalised Happy Meal boxes not only delighted young patrons but also warmed the hearts of parents. Social media was abuzz with posts featuring these cherished creations, transforming a simple meal into a cherished memory. This thoughtful touch elevated McDonald's from just a meal provider to a memory maker.

Case Study 3: Pioneering Personalisation in the Auto Industry

Driving Customer Connections with Car Brands

Car manufacturers, such as Rolls Royce, Vauxhall and Land Rover, have also taken personalisation to the open road. We commonly see car brands handing out promotional products to their customers, from branded keyrings, to personalised mugs, to bags, to (if you have £100,000s to spend on your cars) branded umbrellas!

Result: This personalised approach leads to a surge in brand loyalty and reportedly a 25% increase in repeat buyers. By enabling customers to create a car that felt uniquely theirs, car brands aim to forge an emotional bond that transcended the realm of transportation.


The case studies of Nike, McDonald's, and car brands like Rolls Royce, Vauxhall and Land Rover serve as vivid illustrations of the incredible impact of personalised promotional products. These examples illuminate the fact that personalisation is not merely a marketing strategy; it's a language of care, consideration, and connection. Whether it's designing your own sneakers, creating lasting childhood memories through artful Happy Meal boxes, or crafting a vehicle that embodies your style, personalisation ignites emotions that elevate brands beyond products – they become part of the consumer's story.

In an era where authenticity and individuality hold paramount importance, the power of personalised promotional products emerges as a beacon of innovation, resonating with hearts and minds in a way that generic marketing campaigns seldom can. As businesses continue to seek avenues for meaningful engagement, these case studies stand as a testament to the timeless truth: personalisation is the key that unlocks the door to a customer's heart.

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