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Promotional Pens

Ever wondered what a promotional pen can do for your business? Keep reading to find out how they can elevate your marketing strategy.

Pens are something that we come across every single day. Think about how many people use a pen a day, millions right? The average pen can write about 45,000 words before running out of ink and therefore is the perfect promotional product for your business.


Out of all the promotional products, the most common is pens. Pens are used daily in offices, at home and on the move. By having your businesses logo on a pen, it will be seen more often; this increases brand awareness. Brand awareness should be a top goal for your business, whether B2B or B2C.

Brand awareness can expand your audience, increase traffic to your website, build brand attraction and develop new leads. Knowing that 79% of consumers will use a promotional pen given to them by a business, it is imperative that you invest in promotional pens.


Fun Fact:

When you give a person a pen, the first thing that they will write is their own name. Well, at least they will in 95% of the cases.


EverythingBranded has one of the UK’s largest selections of promotional pens. We sell pens ranging from plastic pens, metal pens, corporate pens, and unusual pens, such as light pens, and multi-functional pens. 

All pens are ready to be printed with your logo and branding. These versatile marketing tools are perfect for all companies and businesses of all sectors. All can benefit from giving away or selling these handy and attractive pens to boost brand awareness. If you can’t find what you’re looking for ring us on 01163660052 to speak to one of our friendly and expert Sales Account Managers.

To expand your brand horizons and marketing strategies further why not look at our other promotional products such as notebooks, mugs, clothing and more! 


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